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Herb Mathisen

Photo by Cathie Archbould
The Yukon’s mini-boom; Nunavut maintains its momentum; NWT does some soul searching; and a rundown of the road projects being considered and debated in each territory
November 2017
Believe it or not, southern students are coming North to further their education. Photo courtesy Yukon College
Outdoor adventure and the promise of jobs bring southern students to the territories
October 2017
Long-time resident-picker Al Shearing finds a seat and takes a break from rummaging at the Yellowknife dump. All photos courtesy Amy C. Elliott
A film that finds the beating heart of a town at its dump
October 2017
Illustration by Beth Covvey/Shutterstock
The Yukon girls' camp that takes over Dawson City's biggest stage
October 2017
Quantum Tangle. Courtesy Quantum Tangle
Here’s what Northern artists have been up to over the last year
October 2017
A Q&A with Curtis Shaw, Northwestel COO, on what the feds’ $50-million announcement means for Nunavut
September 2017
Photo by Marianne Helm
Gerald Kuehl portraits remind us of how life used to be
July 2017
Reader maps with magnetic rail, sky-hooks, military bases and mines galore
July 2017
Photo by Ingrid Wilcox
Losing track of time and gaining superhuman powers under the midnight sun
June 2017
Montana Mountain is home to more than 65 kilometres of world-class mountain bike trail. Photo by Derek Crowe
How to build a world-class team of mountain bike trail-builders in a remote corner of the North
June 2017