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January/February 2021

Nahanni National Park Reserve is one of the largest protected lands in Canada. It’s home to diverse wildlife and geological wonders, yet sees only a fraction of the visitors each year of other parks. And that’s OK. Because what keeps this northern gem so well hidden is also what makes it so special.

Photo by Peter Mather



January/February 2021

Itoah Scott models one of Papatsi Anrango Kotierk's parkas.

Papatsi Anrango Kotierk learned how to make parkas by trial and error as a young child. Today, she’s still taking on projects and learning as she goes.

Photo by Pat Kane

January/February 2021

Artcirq playing string games in Iglulik

As Nunavut faces hard times, a circus troupe offers hope through an Iglulik street performance.


January/February 2021

Snowflake up-close

Mounting snow outside your window may be breathtaking, but have you ever admired the look of a single snowflake? Well, now you can.

Photo by Nathan Myhrvold