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dinosaur craving.

Snow carving tips from the Snowking Winter Festival’s Icepick Polly.

Photo by UP HERE

Kyle Marchuck (left) and Colin Nickerson raise a toast to the debut of Yukon Wines and Solstice Ciders.

Yukon Wines and Solstice Ciders launched straight into COVID-19’s first wave. You could say these two companies learned a few lessons about hanging up the “Open” sign amid a major downturn.

Photo by Cathie Archbould

A line of colourful tufted earrings made by Alyssa Ross

When Alyssa Ross first picked up beading as a way to destress, she didn’t expect to make a business out of it.

Photo courtesy Alyssa Ross

A model shows off a pair of earrings from Sharon Vittrekwa

Elder Sharon Vittrekwa has honed her social media skills to show off her craft to others across the globe.

Photo courtesy Sharon Vittrekwa

March/April 2021

Elder David Johnny Sr. teaching Beaver Creek’s students to use a type of tree root to make rope.

In the North’s smallest and most remote communities, educators must be willing to learn as much as they teach.

Photo courtesy Heidi Warren