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Hot Pink Politics

Lianne Marie Leda Charlie is on an artistic mission of collage and colour.

A quilt created by a communal effort, hosted by the Native Women's Association, in honour of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, was the centrepiece of last year's Social Fabric show. COURTESY YK ARTIST-RUN COMMUNITY CENTRE

Social Fabric

This isn't your grandma's knitting. In the North, artists are...

Ken Thomas, Crystal Carvill, and Sandra Storey install Suzanne Paleczny's piece, “Man Was a Fish, 2017,” during an exhibition at Art House Carcross. Courtesy of Yukon Arts Centre/Mike Thomas

We The Actual North

Northern art is used to define Canada around the globe. But are...


Malaya Qaunirq Chapman And The Food We Love

The host of Nunavummi Mamarijavut is reigniting a passion for Inuit...

The nanurluk is a ferocious polar bear the size of an iceberg that lives beneath the sea. COURTESY EVA WIDERMANN/INHABIT MEDIA

Here There Be Monsters

Strange things happen out on the land. Retelling those cautionary tales...


Inside A Yellowknife Taxidermist's Shop

Take a look behind the scenes of our photo feature, inside a Yellowknife taxidermist's workshop.

How To Build a Fire

Up Here Editor Samia Madwar and Videographer Hannah Eden head out into the bush to get some much needed fire-building advice from 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group. For more, check out: How To Build a Fire

The Tension and the Break

To tell the story of the North's ice cycles, Yellowknife composer Carmen Braden translates nature into music.

For more on Carmen Braden visit, uphere.ca/articles/tension-and-break

Bruce Davidson - NWT Park Warden

They're more than just places to spend the night: it's the people of NWT Parks who make our campgrounds truly memorable. Like Bruce Davidson, a singular human and keeper of Prelude Lake Territorial Campground.

Check out Bruce's original tune about life at the gatehouse, and follow this link for more parks and conversations:



Direct from the UP HERE studio, we bring you a recipe for beauty taken from the best day-spa around - Canada's Northern landscape.

The Northern Golf Tour

Our 'Up Here' editorial team try their hand at midnight golf in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories.

For the full story: The Northern Golf Tour

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