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January/February 2021

Climbers face a perilous journey even before their ascent on northern mountains. That challenge is also what keeps these adventurers reaching for the top.

Photo Courtesy Bronwyn Hodgins



January/February 2021

Snowflake up-close

Mounting snow outside your window may be breathtaking, but have you ever admired the look of a single snowflake? Well, now you can.

Photo by Nathan Myhrvold

January/February 2021

A family of swimming polar bears

Amos Nachoum spent 40 years trying to snap the perfect underwater photo of the Arctic’s deadliest predator. It was worth the wait.

Photo courtesy Amos Nachoum

November/December 2020

Laird Herbert in front of Black Spruce Hotel

Laird Herbert’s Black Spruce Hotel taps into the growing global trend of “landscape” accommodations. At his new lodgings, you’ll be immersed in nature—but it will hardly know you’re there.

Photo by Cathie Archbould

November/December 2020

Aurora Heat founder Brenda Dragon

Aurora Heat founder Brenda Dragon built a continent-wide customer network with a savvy approach to social media. But the heart of her success is authenticity.

Photo courtesy by Aurora Heat