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The first ever Nunavut Music Week rocked Iqaluit in late September 2017. Here are just a few of the bands and artists responsible for the territory’s burgeoning music scene.


Ukiuq, by the Jerry Cans (Iqaluit)

Imiqtaq, by Riit (Pangnirtung)

Unnuaakut and Tukisii, by Northern Haze (Iglulik)

Dancing with the wind, by the Trade-Offs (Iqaluit)

Irnikuluga, by Lazarus Qattalik (Iglulik)

Retribution, by Tanya Tagaq (Cambridge Bay)

Naglingniq (Love Song), by Iva (Rankin Inlet)

Clouds, by the Jerry Cans (Iqaluit)

Elizabeth, by Natashia Allakariallak and Josh Qaumariaq (Iqaluit)

786, by Becky Han (Arctic Bay)

Place I call home, by Mary Itorcheak (Iqaluit)

Silatujuujutit (Ahead by a century), by the Jerry Cans (Iqaluit)