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December 2017

You probably figured from the cover: Iqaluit folk-rockers The Jerry Cans, are Up Here's 2017 Northerners of the Year. They’ve launched their own record label, Aakuluk Music, and organized the inaugural Nunavut Music Week. And they’ve got some of the catchiest tunes on the radio. Check out the December issue to hear their story, and why they’re our pick.

There’s a lot to look forward to in this issue: A Greenlandic couple sails the Northwest Passage and finds connections to their home; and we take a look at what it was like to celebrate Christmas on a 19th century Arctic expedition. Plus much, much more.

As always, thanks for reading and happy holidays.

In This Issue

SNOW WONDER:  Sitting in the jaws of a  larger-than-life snow monster at the  SnowKing castle on Yellowknife Bay. Photo by Fran Hurcomb

Go With The Snow

It makes up our walls and our livelihood. It can be a muse or even our saviour. The many ways in which snow is friend not foe.

By Herb Mathisen
Dec 27

Homecookin’ For The Holidays

Across the North, Christmas is a time to get together and eat and eat and eat

By Elaine Anselmi
Dec 22
Captain Owen Stanley’s watercolour painting ‘Arctic Amusements’ captures the revelry of Christmas aboard HMS Terror in 1836.

Cross-dressing, Feasts and Fun

For crewmembers on early Arctic expeditions, Christmas was a time like no other

By Shane McCorristine
Dec 20

For the love of history!

The rationale for saving storied Northern documents from the historical scrap heap.

By Herb Mathisen
Dec 19
Le Boreal moored off of Gjoa Haven. Photo by Elaine Anselmi

Give And Take

With more people making stops in the coastal communities of Canada’s Arctic, what do cruise ship passengers and locals hope to get out of the experience?

By Elaine Anselmi
Dec 18
Illustration Beth Covvey

Second-hand, Firsthand

On the important role Iqaluit's thrift shop plays in the life cycle of stuff

By Beth Brown
Dec 15
Dorthe and Jens Kjeldsen hunker down in Resolute, Nunavut as they wait for the ice to move. Photo by Mark Kelly

We Know We Are The Same

A Greenland couple feels at home in the Northwest Passage

By Lily Gontard
Dec 13
Photo by Elaine Anselmi

Stand-up Guy

Cambridge Bay’s David Ohokannoak makes audiences laugh at home and down south. But the same material doesn’t work for both

By Elaine Anselmi
Dec 11
Photo by John Pekelsky

A Muskox Yarn

It’s soft, it keeps you warm and a Kugluktuk start-up hopes qiviut might also sustain a business

By Elaine Anselmi
Dec 08
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Moments of Pure Joy

Happiness is a glowing oven on a Whitehorse winter day

By Katharine Sandiford
Dec 06