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Herb Mathisen

Greenland sharks live for centuries, but we have no idea how the changing planet affects them
December 2018
Illustration by Beth Covvey
An impromptu violin concert 52 years in the making
December 2018
Nothing brings the North together like a flight delay
December 2018
A boyhood brush with Jordin Tootoo
October 2018
Milky Way Spiral Galaxy (detail) Beadwork on velvet, 23x25.5 in, by Margaret Nazon. Courtesy PWNHC
Margaret Nazon and her out-of-this-world beading
September 2018
Arctic char prepared by Yellowknife chef Robin Wasicuna. Courtesy Edible Canada
With voracious foodies and some of Canada’s top chefs taking an interest in the North, local chefs are whetting their appetites with menus that tell our stories through food.
September 2018
Taylor Beck. Photo by Herb Mathisen
The perks of belonging to the NWT’s first family of competitive dog mushing
August 2018
The reasons why only a few Nunavummiut own their property
August 2018
Northern Pike. Photo and illustrations by Paul Vecsei
Everything you need to know about fishing North of 60
July 2018
Photo by Patrick Kane
Madeleine Allakariallak's ability to go with the flow puts Nunavut's first language first
June 2018