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Herb Mathisen

Broughton Island became, in 1988, Qikiqtarjuaq (Inuktitut: ‘big island’)
Why redefining home means so much to Northerners.
March 2019
A letter from editor Herb Mathison, from our March 2019 issue.
March 2019
John Pekelsky/Up Here
Curling was more than a game to northern miners.
February 2019
When unpredictability is routine, it's the small things that bring order.
February 2019
hannah eden/nwt tourism
Anglers spend many thousands of dollars to fly to remote lodges in the three territories. Here’s why they come all this way
February 2019
Greenland sharks live for centuries, but we have no idea how the changing planet affects them
December 2018
Illustration by Beth Covvey
An impromptu violin concert 52 years in the making
December 2018
Nothing brings the North together like a flight delay
December 2018
A boyhood brush with Jordin Tootoo
October 2018