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Herb Mathisen

Photo courtesy Clare Kines
Arctic Bay photographer Clare Kines gets the stamp of approval. Twice.
April 2018
Let Up Here be your eyes and ears at the South Slave games.
March 2018
Dahria Beatty is one of three Yukoners on the Olympic cross-country ski team who raced at the AWGs. Photo courtesy of Pam Doyle.
The Arctic Winter Games bring together athletes and artists from the circumpolar North for a week of culture and competition. They’ve come a long way in the last 50 years.
March 2018
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
The inside track on the Arctic Winter Games' unofficial sport
March 2016
From baiting ravens with vodka to checking hares for radiation: A collection of oddball stories from Arctic Winter Games past
March 2018
It's 1972, the second Arctic Winter Games. And five mountain climbers have gone missing.
March 2018
A few familiar faces in the crowd at the inaugural Arctic Winter Games. NWT ARCHIVES/N-1979-052:1234/Sport North Federation
That time the Prime Minister of Canada disappeared en route to Yellowknife
March 2018
The time the party overshadowed the Arctic Winter Games
March 2018
Steve Ducharme/Nunatsiaq News
New premier Paul Quassa wants to get back to the original intent of Nunavut’s creation
March 2018
Photo by Angela Gzowski
Tuktoyaktuk nears the end of a long road back to prosperity
February 2018