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June 2018

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Northern Pike. Photo and illustrations by Paul Vecsei

From Hooked to Cooked

Everything you need to know about fishing North of 60

By Herb Mathisen
Jul 23
Shaggy mane, orange delicious, oyster mushrooms. Illustrations by Beth Covvey

Just For Fungi

Wisdom and warnings on mushroom picking in the North

By Elaine Anselmi
Jun 26
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Last Ditch Effort

On becoming the master and commander of your backpack

Jun 25
Language learning and teaching has long been a priority of the Gwich’in Social and Cultural Institute. These Gwich’in terms are from their dictionary, prepared in 2003. Photo by Peter Mather

Finding The Words

Indigenous languages are in decline. Every single one. But across the North, teachers and learners are dead set on keeping them alive because when a language is lost, we lose more than just a way of speaking.

By Elaine Anselmi
Jun 20
Photo by Patrick Kane

The Craziest Few Hours Of My Life

Madeleine Allakariallak's ability to go with the flow puts Nunavut's first language first

By Herb Mathisen
Jun 19
Images by Inuktitut ilinniaqta

Setting A Standard

Neglected by governments for decades, Inuktut has taken a backseat to English. Now Inuit across Canada are in a race against time to save their language.

By Kassina Ryder
Jun 18
Photos by Steven Lonsdale

Like Ataata, Like Irni

A Gen X Inuk father teaches his Millennial son to hunt seal

By Steven Lonsdale
Jun 15

Creating A Healthy Alternative

What a $1-million prize will do for an NWT Indigenous wellness project

By Jessica Davey-Quantick
Jun 11
Courtesy Qaggiavuut/David Kilabuk

The Return Of Kiviuq

An Inuit legend is brought back to life on stage—and with it, a whole other way to talk about the world.

By Elaine Anselmi
Jun 08
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Meat And Greet

Filling your plate at the Outfitters Ball. And then trying to fit in.

By Karen McColl
Jun 06