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September 2015

See what it's like to live in all three territorial capitals, or strike it off on your own and discover life in the many small communities dotting the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut. You'll also learn a couple of important "c-words" in the North: consultation and consensus, courtesy of Tim Edwards and Herb Mathisen. Keep an eye out for a few more Northern political tidbits in this issue too, in light of the upcoming election(s). 

In This Issue

Left to right: Dëneze Nakehk'o, Nina Larsson, Maslyn Scott, Tania Larsson, Kyla Kakfwi Scott, Eugene Boulanger. In front: Amos Scott with Sadeya Scott. Photo: Hannah Eden/Up Here

The Dene Way

Here's what happens when a group of young, skilled, educated people decides to stop talking at start acting.

By Samia Madwar
Sep 20

Our Riding Is Bigger Than Yours

And that presents one mighty big problem for Nunavut candidates

By Laura Busch
Sep 19
Protesters take to the Yellowknife streets to oppose fracking in the Northwest Territories. Photo by Hannah Eden

The C-Word: Consultation

It’s confusing. It’s controversial. But for miners looking to develop the next mega-project or governments seeking public approval on big-ticket policies, consultation is crucial.

By Herb Mathisen
Sep 18

Stuck in the Middle

On the slow train from Churchill

By Peter Worden
Sep 09
Ambulance rides in the North often take you five miles in the sky. Photo: Hannah Eden/Up Here

Ambulances in the Sky

Where they’re going, they don’t need roads. Across the North, ground transportation just isn’t possible and many local health care centres offer only the most basic of services. That’s when ACCESS air ambulances swoop in, with medevacs proving the quickest—and often, the only—way of getting patients the medical treatment they need.

By Herb Mathisen
Sep 08

The North's Own Game

Tensions, compromise, allegiances and betrayal: how consensus government really works

By Tim Edwards
Sep 02
Photo: Hannah Eden/Up Here

Which Capital is Right for You?

You pretty much have to love the outdoors. The rest depends on how you feel about boutique shopping, road trips, and snow in July.

By Eva Holland, Peter Worden, Tim Edwards
Sep 01