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Peter Worden

Photo by Bostjan Skrlj
And the adventurous few who keep them running back and forth across Hudson Bay
December 2016
The most affordable way to get a car to Nunavut. Photo - NNSI
All you need to know about purchasing a new vehicle in Nunavut
May 2015
On the slow train from Churchill
September 2015
Photo: Hannah Eden/Up Here
You pretty much have to love the outdoors. The rest depends on how you feel about boutique shopping, road trips, and snow in July.
September 2015
Some say Inuktitut is doomed to disappear. Others have hope. In the face of a transforming Arctic, what needs to happen for the Inuit language to survive?
July 2015
ATVs are a common form of transportation here. Photo: Paul Aningat
It's got tourism, population, a great reputation--it just needs more jobs
July 2015
"Hug the Police". Photo by Peter Worden
Fighting graffiti with graffiti in iqaluit
February 2015
Pangnirtung lies at the foot of some of Baffin Island's highest peaks. Photo by Angela Gzowski/Up Here
At the edge of Auyuittuq National Park, Pangnirtung is set to become its own tourist draw
May 2015