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Katie Weaver

Illustration by Beth Covvey
On embracing goosebumps and chattering teeth
March 2018
Brenda Lee Asp and Ugly Fish
October 2016
SavageSalvage and Six Red Beads
October 2016
Erasmus Apparel, Ugly Fish and ENB Artisan
October 2016
Victoria’s Arctic Fashion, ENB Artisan and Tania Larsson Studio
October 2016
Ugly Fish and Creations for Continuity
October 2016
Six Red Beads and Dan Wade Jewellery
October 2016
Robert "Yogi Bear" Chenard and Brenda "Boo Boo" Penney run the Louise Falls day-use campground off the Mackenzie Highway, near the Alberta/NWT border. Photo Hannah Eden
Meet the people who make Northern campgrounds funnier, friendlier, and just a bit weirder.
August 2015