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Katie Weaver

Playing Santa on the Distant Early Warning Line
September 2016
What better place to tell bush plane stories then straight outta the plane?
September 2016
Melissa Haney enjoys the view from the front. Photo courtesy Melissa Haney.
Melissa Haney’s hard work pays off
August 2016
Sergey Ananov's chopper crashed. And then his real troubles began. Photo courtesy of FAI - World Air Sports.
From cruising in the air to choosing when to use your flare
August 2016
For some, the plane is a muse; for others, it is a saviour, as depicted here in Wally Wolfe's "Found at last."
Take-offs and landings in Northern art
August 2016
Willy Laserich might have been the world's most decorated ambulance driver. He died in 2007 at age 75. Photo by Margo Pfeiff
The story of the NWT's beloved air maverick, in numbers
August 2016
Dawn Bartsch made her career in the Yukon. Photo courtesy Dawn Bartsch
How Dawn Bartsch proved 'em all wrong
August 2016
The Fairchild FC-2 Razorback. Photo courtesy Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada
Northern aviation buffs are saving a rare, abandoned bushplane from oblivion
August 2016
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
The making of Bushpilot, an iconic ode to flight in the North
August 2016
NWT residents have grown accustomed to seeing these CL-215s overhead during the summer.
How aircraft make a difference in summer
July 2016