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May 2015

May 2015

Are tiny homes might be the next big thing in the North? Also this month, the unknown side of Northern architecture (we don't all live in iglus), and the best ways Northerns are finding to make money.

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Land, Eat, Dance, Take Off

The Northern charm of a government charter

By Tim Edwards
May 23
The most affordable way to get a car to Nunavut. Photo - NNSI

By Air, By Sea, By Land

All you need to know about purchasing a new vehicle in Nunavut

By Peter Worden
May 21
The captain of the Radium King with passengers in Yellowknife in 1954. Credit: NWT Archives, Henry Busse fonds, N-1979-052: 0611

King Of The River

She hauled radioactive ore, nearly blew up on Great Slave Lake, and changed shipping in the North forever.

By Daniel Campbell
May 21
That's the way the coast crumbles: A collapsed block of permafrost on the coast of Alaska, releasing stored carbon from frozen decomposing organic matter into the water.

The Apocalypse is Now

Why permafrost is the scariest, most thrilling thing in the Arctic

By Samia Madwar
May 08
Riverfront roots: Whitehorse, circa the turn of the last century, where paddle-wheeled steamers lined the shores of the Yukon River to carry on good from the end of the White Pass railway.

A Bend in the River

Whiskey Flats is long gone, but Whitehorse's makeshift community left a memorable mark

By Up Here
May 08
World-class rapids attract kayakers from around the world.

Starry Skies and Raging Rapids

On the border of Alberta and the NWT, Fort Smith proves you don't have to go too far North of 60 to have a good time

By Peter McMahon
Apr 01