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March 2017

The March issue travels across the Canadian Archipelago to share stories of the places that give the country its "True North" cred, but also beg the question, are we doing right by our Arctic?

We also look at Aklavik, NWT, where a federal government plan to relocate the community has only fostered a sense of resistence, and a slogan of "Never Say Die."

In pictures, a feature on heli-skiing captures the St. Elias Mountains and the thrill-seekers that ride them.


In This Issue

Photo by Kevin Chan/Trent University

Fur And Fitbit

Northern research in the age of gadgetry

By Karen McColl
Apr 10
Mount Asgard. Photo by Artur Stanisz

The Seven Wonders Of The Arctic Archipelago

Hoodoos, craters and mountains—there's a lot to see above the 60th parallel.

By Herb Mathisen
Mar 27
Eider duck

Meet Your Arctic Archipelago: The East

Arts, crafts, birds and a quick history lesson on the Eastern Arctic.

By Up Here
Mar 24
Photo by Nansen Weber

Meet Your Arctic Archipelago: The West

A hunch that led to the discovery of the Northwest Passage and the Canada-U.S. border dispute you likely haven't heard of—welcome to the land and water of the western Arctic.

By Elaine Anselmi
Mar 22
Grise Fiord, Nunavut. Photo by Ronald Campbell

Meet Your Arctic Archipelago: The North

Mutiny, the magnetic North, and the search for natural resources in the northern third of Canada's Arctic islands

By Herb Mathisen
Mar 20
Illustration by Beth Covvey

I’ll Be Seein’ You

How the North really is a small town

By Elaine Anselmi
Mar 17
Henry Hudson, the English explorer, is remembered by the gigantic bay that goes by his name. Small consolation for having been mutinied by his crew in 1611, set adrift and left to die on the shores of James Bay.

The Strangers On The Map

A history of Western imperialism as seen through the Arctic Archipelago’s place names

By Herb Mathisen
Mar 15
NWT Archives/Curtis Merrill

The Town That Wouldn't Die

How Aklavik, NWT defied a flooding river, a skittish government and the nation’s expectations

By Elaine Anselmi
Mar 13
Photo by Kat Siepmann

Dropping In Below The Clouds

By Tim Edwards
Mar 10
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Logging On In Gjoa Haven

A small town, a small boost in population, and an even smaller amount of internet to share

By Eva Holland
Mar 06