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March 2016

In our Great Northern Sports Issue, we go back more than 100 years to find whalers on a remote Beaufort Sea outpost playing a unique version of baseball, dive into ice-cold Yukon River water, and break a sweat with our definitive Northern workout guide. Also: we look back on the hockey teams of Yellowknife’s gold mines of yore, break down the rules of Inuit baseball, and dissect the science of Northern sports. Also included: an interview with Darryl Tait, the Yukoner who continues to impress the world with his stunts—despite being paralyzed from the chest down.   

In This Issue

Diana Curtis, Yellowknife Racquet Club fitness instructor. Photos by Hannah Eden/Up Here

The Fishnet Haul

Good for: Glutes, quads, abs, arms, and scooping huge cold-water fish into your boat.

By Samia Madwar
Mar 11
The agony of defeat--shellshocked Molson's players drink bubbly from a gallon pail. Photo courtesy Ron Sulz

"They Just Didn't Let Up"

A look back at the wildest 20 minutes in Yellowknife hockey history

By Herb Mathisen
Mar 10
The road to Fort Liard. Photo by Samia Madwar

From The Land Of Giants

Kids hunt, fish, play soccer and then leave to find opportunity. This NWT town is trying to build permanence as jobs and residents come and go with the wind.

By Samia Madwar
Mar 09
The Takhini Hot Springs. Photo by Takhini Hot Pools

Mind, Body, Spirit

How to find peace in the great outdoors

By Tim Edwards
Mar 08
Illustration by Andrew Qappik, C/O Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts

For The Fun Of It

Anauligaaq is like baseball, cricket and stickball. But also not at all.

By Herb Mathisen
Mar 07
Photo by Eva Holland

Yukon's Indomitable Man

A brutal accident could have made Darryl Tait leave his old life behind. Instead, he became a pioneer.

By Eva Holland
Mar 04
Whaling crews in the 1890s played an extreme version of baseball on the winter sea ice around Herschel Island, off the coast of the Yukon. The local Inuit were their biggest—and rowdiest—fans. Image from National Baseball Hall of Fame, BL-2540.93

Hardball on Herschel Island

Whalers at a 19th century Arctic outpost keep (relatively) sane with America’s pastime

By Daniel Campbell
Mar 03
Paddlers cross Lake Laberge during the 2015 Yukon River Quest. Photo by Joel Krahn

Swimming In Cold Water

How to find your way in the world of Northern outdoor sports–even when you're out of your depths.

By Eva Holland
Mar 01