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June 2016

Bring your appetite as we explore all the ways we eat: from raw whale blubber in Nunavut, to raw oysters in downtown Whitehorse. Flip through our Food & Drink guide, showcasing the best craft beer, barbecue and fish and chips the North has to offer. Plus, learn about how you can live off the land north of 60 with our Wild Diet feature. Herb Mathisen writes that we can indeed have agriculture in the Arctic, and it may even be better than the current model of shipping food North. Finally, try your hand at some of the best bannock recipes in the North. 

In This Issue

Beluga maktaaq contains vitamins that fight infection and keep your heart healthy. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

Acquired Tastes

A dash of bacteria is just what that meat needs need to taste delicious

By Francis Tessier-Burns
Jun 30
One of the best selections of alcohol in the Arctic Archipelago. Photo by Scott Wight

A Nice Place For A Drink

Iqaluit's Storehouse is one of the best looking places to quench your thirst in town.

By Up Here
Jun 29
 Can this man really extend a Northern summer? If you're a pepper, then, yes he can. Photo by Daren Gallo

The Man Who Extends The Summer

A Yukon greenhouse aficionado has given Northern green thumbs a leg-up on winter.

By Herb Mathisen
Jun 28
Narwhal maktaaq has protein, fat, vitamins A, D, E and C, selenium, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

Living On The Wild Side

Forget multivitamins, wild meat has all the nutrients you'll ever need

By Francis Tessier-Burns
Jun 27
Jo-Ann Martin and Mark Elson, new owners of the famous Bullock's Bistro in Yellowknife. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

The Church Of Fish And Chips

Don't worry, the new owners of Bullock's Bistro in Yellowknife aren't changing a thing.

By Up Here
Jun 24
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Hummus In The Land Of Caribou

For refugees, the North might as well be another planet. Can the right flavours make them feel at home?

By Samia Madwar
Jun 23
Photo - Creative Commons public domain

Tales From The Freezer

Or, grocery stores and the death of story

By Tim Edwards
Jun 22
Pipsi, char traditionally dried (not smoked) in the sun, is rich in protein. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

Stranger In A Strange Kitchen

A white explorer dives into the all-meat diet, 100 years before the 'Paleo' diet was a thing

By Daniel Campbell
Jun 20
Don't ask for subs or changes. You won't get 'em. But open your mind to some new flavours and you'll be thankful you did. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

The Mad Scientist

Big flavours at Robin Wasicuna's Twin Pine Diner in Yellowknife

By Up Here
Jun 16
Photo – Allen Shimada, NOAA/NMFS/OST/AMD, flickr.com/photos/noaaphotolib/5277853558/, CC BY 2.0

Caribou Head Soup For The Soul

Country food etiquette from Coral Harbour, and manners my mother taught me in the porch

By Tarralik Duffy
Jun 15