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October/November 2014

October/November 2014

In Honour of UpHere's 30th anniversiary we're taking a look back at 30 people who've graced our pages since 1984 and what they've been up to since. Also this month, the mystery of the hiker to who vanished in the Yukon wilderness and Baffin Island's most heart stopping peaks and valleys and the thrill-seekers who keep coming back.

In This Issue

A Cold and Deadly Place

Three summers ago, a hiker vanished on the Yukon's Donjek Route. When authorities found his remains, Northerners kept searching for a deeper truth.

By Eva Holland
Nov 06
Base Jumping off Mount Asgard, Baffin Island

Base Instincts

Baffin Island’s become an unlikely mecca for some of the most extreme thrill-seekers and BASE jumpers on the planet.

By Cody Punter
Nov 01