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My Other Car Is A Pair Of Hiking Boots

My Other Car Is A Pair Of Hiking Boots

Motor up the three drivable peaks of the Yukon
By Katharine Sandiford
Feb 21
From the Jan/Feb 2018 Issue

Though not as widely advertised as Dawson City’s Dome Mountain—the most popular drivable mountain in the Yukon—there are several mountains in the Whitehorse region with good roads bulldozed switch-back after switch-back up to their scraggly, wind-blown tops. Here’s the inside scoop on our top three.

Grey Mountain

Why: Close-to-town with a pleasant two-kilometre ridge hike along the top.
Getting there: Take the Grey Mountain Road 10 km all the way to the communication towers. Road conditions can be variable.
Insider’s tip: Tasty wild blueberries grow along the trail here in late August.
Elevation: 1,495 m above sea-level; 850 m above the Yukon River.
Vehicle required: AWD with a little clearance.

Haeckel Hill

Why: A well-maintained public road within Whitehorse city limits where you can view eagles soaring over the Yukon River Valley—under the hum of two giant wind turbines.
Getting there: Drive the Alaska Highway north 3 km from where it intersects Two-Mile Hill. Turn left on Fish Lake Road and drive 3.4 km. Turn right onto a dirt road at a four-way intersection marked by a giant boulder. Drive past the fish farm and up 6.5 km to the top.
Insider’s tip: Check out Yukon Energy’s info-rich online booklet “Viewing Whitehorse From Above: A Guide to Haeckel Hill.
Elevation: 1,433 m above sea level; roughly 800 m above the Yukon River.
Vehicle required: 2WD with good tires.

Jubilee Mountain

Why: A steep, but decent road that takes you right to the top, affording panoramic views over Tagish Lake, Marsh Lake and Little Atlin Lake. Explore the rocky outcrops, smell the sub-alpine fir, check out—from a distance—the little log house, a residence for the seasonal fire-lookout patroller.
Getting there: Drive to Tagish, 100 km from Whitehorse. The unmarked turnoff is only 3 km from the Tagish bridge, then drive 10 km up its steep but solid switchbacks all the way to the microwave and fire towers at the top.
Insider’s tip: Spot the highway billboard for “Tagish Services.” The Jubilee Mountain Road is close-by on the other side.
Elevation: 1,814 m above sea level; 553 m above Tagish Lake.
Vehicle required: AWD