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Tim Edwards

Yellowknife's Con Mine site. Photo by Hannah Eden
The North is coming to grips with its most important industry as that industry comes to grips with its responsibilities
November 2016
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Miscreant artists haunt an old church
October 2016
The Sun at Midnight:  Devery Jacobs, left, and Duane Howard, right, star in the feature film directed by Kirsten Carthew. Photo courtesy Pierre Cruz
The film industry in the North continues to grow and capture audiences across the territories and the south
September 2016
Wop May during the hunt for the Mad Trapper, in 1932. Public Domain
From the Red Baron to the Mad Trapper
September 2016
Lost? Never. Punch Dickins would just land, make a cup of tea and get his bearings. NWT Archives/Wop May Fonds/N-1992-213: 0188
This WWII ace would become a man of many firsts
September 2016
When you could get a loan on an airplane
August 2016
Bob Engle pioneered scheduled flight service across the North. Photo courtesy Roxy Engle
Bob Engle and NWT Air connect the dots
August 2016
A night of unsolved mysteries on the shores of Great Bear Lake
July 2016
The Bolkhovitinov DB-A, a Soviet long-range bomber prototype, disappeared in 1937 in an experimental flight over the North Pole from Moscow to the United States. Photo: Public Domain
Enduring mysteries of the Northern skies, from missing people to missing planes
August 2016
Photo by Wayne Lynch
Mainland muskoxen are back from the brink and they're winding up in the most curious of places. It’s hard to tell why they’ve wandered so far from home, but one thing’s for sure: change is afoot.
July 2016