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May/June 2021

Until this past spring it had been many generations since a qaggiq (or giant iglu) was built in Iqaluit. These master builders put one together in four days.

Photo courtesy Qaggiq Festival/Shawn Innuksuk



March/April 2021

SmartICE team pulling a sensor across the ice

As sea ice around the Arctic continues to recede, one company is combining traditional knowledge with cutting-edge technology to track its changes.

Photo by Michael Schmidt/Courtesy of SmartICE

January/February 2021

Itoah Scott models one of Papatsi Anrango Kotierk's parkas.

Papatsi Anrango Kotierk learned how to make parkas by trial and error as a young child. Today, she’s still taking on projects and learning as she goes.

Photo by Pat Kane