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September/October 2021

Over the last two decades, thousands of tiny houses have popped up across North America, creating a new lifestyle trend and a slew of first-time home buyers. But why is this movement at a standstill in the North?

Photo by Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs



May/June 2021

Iqaluit builders make a qaggiq

Until this past spring it had been many generations since a qaggiq (or giant iglu) was built in Iqaluit. These master builders put one together in four days.

Photo courtesy Qaggiq Festival/Shawn Innuksuk

May/June 2021

Annie Buscemi is helping others appreciate their northern life, one day at a time.

Through social media, Northerners are finding unique ways to offer a snapshot into the colourful lives they lead.

Photo by Natalie Maerzluft

dinosaur craving.

Snow carving tips from the Snowking Winter Festival’s Icepick Polly.

Photo by UP HERE

Kyle Marchuck (left) and Colin Nickerson raise a toast to the debut of Yukon Wines and Solstice Ciders.

Yukon Wines and Solstice Ciders launched straight into COVID-19’s first wave. You could say these two companies learned a few lessons about hanging up the “Open” sign amid a major downturn.

Photo by Cathie Archbould

A line of colourful tufted earrings made by Alyssa Ross

When Alyssa Ross first picked up beading as a way to destress, she didn’t expect to make a business out of it.

Photo courtesy Alyssa Ross

A model shows off a pair of earrings from Sharon Vittrekwa

Elder Sharon Vittrekwa has honed her social media skills to show off her craft to others across the globe.

Photo courtesy Sharon Vittrekwa