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Subscriber Appreciation Program Guidelines


Overview of the Program
Each month Up Here will select one subscriber and offer that subscriber a pair of Canadian North tickets from one of two southern cities: Ottawa or Edmonton. The tickets are for flights to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (from Edmonton) and Iqaluit, Nunavut (from Ottawa) with the option of adding one more Canadian North destination to either route. This appreciation program covers air tickets only. It does not cover accommodation, meals or other activities.

When will the program start and end?
The program will start with a first draw in May 2018, and will end with the final draw in April, 2019

Who is Eligible?
Paid subscribers to Up Here magazine are eligible to participate in this Subscriber Appreciation Program. They must be subscribers at the time of the draw, and at the time of their visit to the North. Up Here employees and contractors, and immediate family of Up Here employees and contractors are not eligible.

How will the subscriber be selected?
The subscriber will be selected via the subscription number assigned to each subscriber. If the subscription number randomly selected is no longer active, then the subscription number closest to that number will be selected. For example, if 069246 is selected, but inactive, then the holder of 069247 or 069245 would be the winner, if that number is active. If both surrounding numbers are active, the final selection would be made by the flip of a coin.

When will the monthly selections be made?
The selection will be made in the first week of each month.

Are the tickets transferable?
Generally the tickets are not transferable. However transfers to immediate family members could be considered if a person is unable to travel for health reasons.

How will the subscriber be notified?
subscriber will be notified by letter to the address on the Up Here subscription. The letter will ask for confirmation of acceptance.

Will the subscriber’s name be announced?
Yes, after we have confirmation that a subscriber is accepting the plane tickets, his/her name and province will be announced on social media. As well, the subscriber’s northern experience will be included in a brief article in Up Here magazine after his/her visit to the North.

How soon does the subscriber have to respond after notification?
The subscriber will have six weeks from the date on the letter to respond indicating if they want to accept the tickets, their starting city, and the approximate dates they would like to travel.

If the subscriber does not accept the pair of tickets, will there be another draw in that month?
No. The next draw will be the following month.

If the subscriber accepts the pair of plane tickets, what is the next step?
Up Here staff will work with the subscriber to finalize the details of their northern visit. Once we have dates and destinations, Up Here will book the tickets with Canadian North. The tickets are based on space availability, and there are some blackout times during the course of the year. Electronic tickets will be forwarded by Up Here to the subscriber, well in advance of their departure date.

When do the plane tickets have to be used?
The plane tickets have to be used between May 15, 2018 and September 30, 2019. For example, a subscriber selected in June, 2018 could use the tickets in July, or the following January, 2019.

What happens if the tickets are not used?
The tickets cannot be sold or converted into cash, and will not be re-instated if not used.

Are travel costs to Edmonton or Ottawa (the starting points for the northern trips) covered by Up Here Publishing?
No. Subscribers selected are responsible to make, co-ordinate and pay for travel arrangements to their selected starting point (Edmonton or Ottawa). The Subscriber Appreciation Program covers only the flight costs to and within the NWT or Nunavut.

Once flight reservations are made, can they be changed?
No changes will be permitted once the date of travel is confirmed.

Can I collect Aeroplan points with these flights?
No. This travel does not qualify for any frequent flyer programs.

Travel Insurance
Subscribers selected are responsible for their own travel insurance.

Flight Documentation
Subscribers selected are responsible for documentation needed to access a flight (passport, or other government photo identification).

Up Here Publishing and Canadian North will not be responsible for compensation due to missed flights, delays, loss of luggage or health issues or acts of unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances



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