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Tim Edwards

In part three of our Inuktitut series, Tim Edwards spends a year learning the language, and ends up discovering more about the place he lives
July 2015
Chummy Plummer on Great Slave Lake at age 14. COURTESY PLUMMER'S ARCTIC LODGES
Chummy Plummer, the legendary proprietor of the North's most successful fishing lodges, talks bears, storms, hard winters, recessions, and what it takes to succeed
June 2015
Photo by Angela Gzowski
A tiny community beside a huge body of water makes a historic decision. Its prophet would approve.
July 2014
Whitefish run the rapids
A beginner’s guide to catching the biggest and most beautiful fish in the world, and stories from those who’ve tried.
June 2015
Wayne Cockney finishes cutting a fillet from a freshly-caught whitefish. Photo by Angela Gzowski
A fisherman pulls in some fish on the Arctic Ocean’s shore
July 2014
Flying into the East Arm of Great Slave Lake. Photo by Pat Kane
The Lutsel K'e Dene aim to prove they can make a business out of protecting the land
May 2015
The intensely complicated and often comical battle for a most inhospitable region
February 2015
Workers erect one of the four 2.3-megawatt turbines now churning out energy at the Diavik diamond mine in the NWT. Photo courtesy of Rio Tinto (DDM)
Here’s how some businesses are setting a new energy bar
February 2015
Three seats, 3.7 million square km: Election year kicks off as Liberal leader tours the North
February 2015
"The [federal government] has not verified whether northern retailers passed on the full subsidy to consumers." AUDITOR GENERAL MICHAEL FERGUSON
Don't let the "he said... she said..." fool you. The real story is in the auditor general's report.
January 2015