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Tim Edwards

Photo: Shutterstock
Without falling through
February 2016
Pictured: how not to. Photo: Shutterstock
And have your house remain where it is
February 2016
Step one: 4x4. Photo courtesy Karel Pekelsky
...without an ice road
February 2016
Paddling out to secret weekend camping spots at Hidden Lake, NWT. Photo by Tim Edwards
The last canoe of the season
January 2016
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Sometimes, in the North, you actually do have to reinvent the snowmobile.
February 2016
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
The NWT then and now, with its former premier and current senator Nick Sibbeston
January 2016
War and peace along the Peel River
January 2016
The only reindeer herd in the Canadian Arctic. Photo courtesy of Jason Van Bruggen/NWTT
After 100 years, reindeer in Canada’s Arctic have gone from outcasts and undesirables to tourist attractions and culinary staples. Meet the herd and the man at the forefront of a new Northern tradition.
January 2016
Image courtesy of Steve Skroce
In a new comic series, the U.S. invades Canada for its water. But a resistance swells above the 60th parallel.
December 2015
There's a theory that the geological anomaly underneath Darnley Bay, NWT, was caused by a massive prehistoric meteorite impact. Photo: Shutterstock
The North's biggest potential mining project is also its most mysterious
November 2015