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Katharine Sandiford

Photo courtesy of Shawn Kitchen
He’s been shot at, hit by a truck and fallen from the sky. Meet Shawn Kitchen.
March 2018
Photo courtesy of Heike Graf
Up close and personal with Yukon’s top musicians
February 2018
Get your fix and kick up your feet. Photo courtesy of Heike Graf
Our guide to good eats in the Yukon
February 2018
A Yukon River pleasure cruise. Photo courtesy Ayra Fox/Klondike Visitors Association
Things to do in Dawson City that you won’t find in your guidebook
February 2018
Take the scenic drive up Haeckel Hill. Photo courtesy of Cathie Archbould/Yukon Energy
Motor up the three drivable peaks of the Yukon
February 2018
Photo courtesy of Traveling Light B&B
Rest easy at one of Yukon’s top glamping sites
February 2018
Illustration by Beth Covvey
Happiness is a glowing oven on a Whitehorse winter day
December 2017
All the forest is a stage at Brian Fidler’s Theatre in the Bush. Photo by Gary Bremner
In the cold, dusky Yukon forest, Theatre in the Bush makes the audience a part of the show
October 2017
The writer travels 30 years back in time. James Stobbs
On the counter-intuitive thrill of dog-powered biking
October 2017
Cheechakos now earn Yukon’s top title the modern way
September 2017