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Herb Mathisen

A professor, elder professor and alumnus share their thoughts on the groundbreaking school.
September 2016
The 1928 Arctic pilot edition
September 2016
The original clubhouse of the Yellowknife Golf Club: the fuselage of a downed DC-3. Derek Bodington/Outcrop.
The Yellowknife Golf Club’s strange relationship with airplanes
August 2016
Buffalo Joe at the best seat in the house, er, DC-3. Photo: Hannah Eden
For Buffalo Joe, it’s not about money or fame—flying’s a way to escape all that
August 2016
A makeshift hangar for a Fokker Universal on the coast of the Hudson Strait. Photo - Canada Aviation and Space Museum
The cold facts of flying learned on the Hudson Strait Expedition
August 2016
Simpson Air’s Ted Grant is the Deh Cho’s biggest booster. Photo by Samia Madwar
Ted Grant’s philosophy on flying
August 2016
The massive Antonov An-124 drew a crowd of admirers during its brief stay in Iqaluit last April. Photo by Frank Reardon
What drives some spirited photographers to brave the cold for hours outside Iqaluit’s airport?
August 2016
Weldy Phipps pioneered tourism expeditions to the North Pole. Photo by Erik Charlton, (Flying to North Pole) [CC BY 2.0]
Weldy Phipps’s madcap tourism package
August 2016
Airmail went a long way in proving that airplanes were a quick and dependable means of delivering goods. NWT Archives/Archibald Fleming Fonds/N-1979-050: 0281
Heroes turned mail-boys turned heroes once more
August 2016
Tommy Forrest Ballpark in Yellowknife. Photo courtesy Ollie Williams
A downtown Yellowknife ballpark transformed from blight to beauty
July 2016