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Herb Mathisen

Reader maps with magnetic rail, sky-hooks, military bases and mines galore.
July 2017
Photo by Ingrid Wilcox
Losing track of time and gaining superhuman powers under the midnight sun
June 2017
Montana Mountain is home to more than 65 kilometres of world-class mountain bike trail. Photo by Derek Crowe
How to build a world-class team of mountain bike trail-builders in a remote corner of the North
June 2017
Photo courtesy Denny May
Aviator Warren Wright aims to recreate a bit of Northern history
May 2017
Photo by Tawna Brown
Escape, invasion, industry and affordability—a road means many things in the North, but mostly it means change
April 2017
Photo by Hannah Eden
Joe Reid feels right at home when he’s a long way from nowhere
April 2017
Pangnirtung, Nunavut, a runway runs through it. Photo by Michael H. Davies
From their stations at Northern community airports, observers have their eyes on the sky
April 2017
The annual race to be the first steamship North
April 2017
Photo courtesy Dawson City Museum/1975.2.1.24
The Klondike's brief flirtation with hot air balloons and airships
April 2017
Mount Asgard. Photo by Artur Stanisz
Hoodoos, craters and mountains—there's a lot to see above the 60th parallel.
March 2017