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Herb Mathisen

Photo by Angela Gzowski
Northern newspapers are surviving and even thriving in the Internet age
July 2013
Yellowknifer Janet Pacey is a veteran pin-haggler of the Arctic Winter Games
March 2016
Illustration by Andrew Qappik, C/O Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts
Anauligaaq is like baseball, cricket and stickball. But also not at all.
March 2016
The Farmer's Market in Yellowknife. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
Here's how start-ups are born
February 2016
Dennis Patterson, Madeleine Redfern, Peter Taptuna.
...with Peter Taptuna, Madeleine Redfern and Dennis Patterson
February 2016
Darrell Pasloski, Joe Sparling, Stefan Voswinkel.
...with Darrell Pasloski, Joe Sparling and Stefan Voswinkel
February 2016
Jeff Philipp, Bob McLeod, Bob Gannicott.
...with Bob McLeod, Jeff Philipp and Bob Gannicott
February 2016
It's 2026 and the situation is dire. No more so than in the North.
February 2016
Photo by Gabriel Rivest
Sometimes, when the conditions are just right, Mother Nature provides the best ice surface in the world.
January 2016
The front deck of the Mackenzie Rest Inn overlooks the mighty Mackenzie River. Photo by Herb Mathisen/Up Here
It used to be an RCMP lock-up. Believe us when we say it's come a long way.
January 2016