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Elaine Anselmi

Illustration by Beth Covvey
How one woman built the perfect place to live, and love followed.
December 2018
ENCORE: Allan Benjamin is a cartoonist, competitive racer, Canadian Ranger and fiddler. Photo by Weronika Murray
Old Crow's Allan Benjamin isn't slowing down any time soon
December 2018
The Yellowknife Women’s Society’s current executive director, Bree Denning, left, and former executive director, Arlene Hache, in downtown Yellowknife. Photo by Pat Kane
The founders of the Yellowknife Women’s Society listened to what women needed and then they got to work. Nearly 30 years later, its network of staff and volunteers continues to do just that.
November 2018
Josh Qaumariaq. Courtesy Jen Squires
The Trade-Offs front-man Josh Qaumariaq on starting a tough conversation
October 2018
Leela Gilday. Courtesy Shawna McLeod
Leela Gilday proves coming home can take you to new places
October 2018
Quantum Tangle is, from left, Greyson Gritt, Tiffany Ayalik and Kayley Inuksuk Mackay. Courtesy Quantum Tangle/BNB Studios
On gaining a Juno Award and a new member
October 2018
Victor Wejer in the 'NWP Studio.' Photo by Andrew Reimer
Meet the retiree who, for the last decade, has guided vessels through the icy narrows of the Northwest Passage—from his Mississauga basement.
September 2018
Shaggy mane, orange delicious, oyster mushrooms. Illustrations by Beth Covvey
Wisdom and warnings on mushroom picking in the North
June 2018
Language learning and teaching has long been a priority of the Gwich’in Social and Cultural Institute. These Gwich’in terms are from their dictionary, prepared in 2003. Photo by Peter Mather
Indigenous languages are in decline. Every single one. But across the North, teachers and learners are dead set on keeping them alive because when a language is lost, we lose more than just a way of speaking.
June 2018
Luminous Char by Kenojuak Ashevak. Image courtesy Art Gallery of Ontario
A new exhibit invites you to experience the worlds created by Kenojuak Ashevak and Tim Pitsiulak
June 2018