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Natan Obed, 39, the president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. Photo courtesy of ITK

Identity Crisis

What does it mean to be Inuk in 2015?

December 2015 Samia Madwar
Left to right: Dëneze Nakehk'o, Nina Larsson, Maslyn Scott, Tania Larsson, Kyla Kakfwi Scott, Eugene Boulanger. In front: Amos Scott with Sadeya Scott. Photo: Hannah Eden/Up Here

The Dene Way

Here's what happens when a group of young, skilled, educated people decides to stop talking at...

September 2015 Samia Madwar

Our Riding Is Bigger Than Yours

And that presents one mighty big problem for Nunavut candidates

September 2015 Laura Busch

The North's Own Game

Tensions, compromise, allegiances and betrayal: how consensus government really works

September 2015 Tim Edwards
Photo: Peter Mather

The Battle for the Peel

When First Nations and government agree to work together, who gets the final say?

August 2015 Eva Holland

Land, Eat, Dance, Take Off

The Northern charm of a government charter

May 2015 Tim Edwards
"If I have to, I'll run for mayor and I'll save this damn headframe." - Walt Humphries, prospector and local historian.

Who's Next?

Surveying the post-Rob-Shaft horizon

April 2015 Herb Mathisen

The Starting Line: Election 2015

Three seats, 3.7 million square km: Election year kicks off as Liberal leader tours the North

February 2015 Tim Edwards

No Man’s Ice

The intensely complicated and often comical battle for a most inhospitable region

February 2015 Tim Edwards
"The [federal government] has not verified whether northern retailers passed on the full subsidy to consumers." AUDITOR GENERAL MICHAEL FERGUSON

Nunavut's Food Problem

Don't let the "he said... she said..." fool you. The real story is in the auditor...

January 2015 Tim Edwards