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Debt Sentence

Canada might not have free universal post-secondary education, but the NWT has come pretty close,...

April 2020 Jessica Davey-Quantick

Circumpolarizing Agendas

Knowledge does not always equal power, and other lessons learned at Arctic Frontiers.

March 2020 Jacob Boon
 Qaqqaq pictured in Ottawa at her swearing-in ceremeony last October with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

Ottawa: the next generation

Nunavut’s newest Member of Parliament wants to talk about more than her age and what she’s wearing.

January 2020 Jessica Davey-Quantick

Where's the party in NWT politics?

There's no consensus on consensus government, other than that reform is needed. With Election...

September 2019 Jacob Boon
Porcupine caribou graze in the Blow River Valley, in northeastern Yukon. CREDIT WERONIKA MURRAY

Oil or Caribou

As The U.S. government’s 30-year fight to drill for oil in vital caribou habitat intensifies, here’...

March 2019 Elaine Anselmi

On Name Changes

You may not agree with Natan Obed’s positions, but respect where they come from.

May 2018 Elaine Anselmi
Steve Ducharme/Nunatsiaq News

True To The Vision

New premier Paul Quassa wants to get back to the original intent of Nunavut’s creation

March 2018 Herb Mathisen
Illustration by Beth Covvey

All-American Arctic?

How a U.S. politician sought to buy Greenland and Iceland to get at Canada

January 2018 Herb Mathisen

Conceding confidence

Or how I learned to stop worrying and (try to) trust in consensus government

December 2017 Herb Mathisen