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Custom Degrees on Your Own Time and Schedule

An innovative program lets students stay in their community while earning a Bachelor’s degree

For a student working full-time in northern Canada, miles away from any major city, earning a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is no mean feat – especially one that’s tailored to the field they’re working in. And yet that’s exactly the kind of opportunity that students have found at Royal Roads University (RRU) in Victoria

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The Ghosts Of Rankin Inlet

Who you gonna call when the ghosts are coming from inside the fire hall?

October 2019 Jessica Davey-Quantick
Some of our staffers were out to lunch.

The People Who Helped Make It All Happen 

The content producers and office workers from the past 35 years.

October 2019 Marion LaVigne, Ronne Heming

Our Most Memorable and Expensive Issues

Polar bears and bare bums.

October 2019 Marion LaVigne, Ronne Heming
Ironically Franklin is likely more famous in failure than if he had succeeded. COURTESY PARKS CANADA

35 Years In The North: The Past Five Years

Finding lost history under the waves and opening up new horizons on the Arctic coast.

September 2019 Jacob Boon
How our production office (and staff) once looked. UP HERE

Where We've Lived

Some office memories from our 35 years.

September 2019 Marion LaVigne

Rest In Peace, Martin Dover

We've got a confession to make about Up Here's most prolific contributor.

September 2019 Jessica Davey-Quantick

35 Years In The North: The Third Decade

Seal hunt hysteria takes hold, climate change heats up, and there's a reality TV renaissance.

September 2019 Jacob Boon
Up Here founders Marion LaVigne and Ronne Heming at the first issue's launch party.

No Guts, No Glory

A message from our publisher on Up Here's 35th anniversary.

September 2019 Marion LaVigne
We'll be writing about Franklin for another 35 years.

6 Stories That Won't Die

When you've been telling northern stories for 35 years, eventually some trends start to emerge.

September 2019 Jessica Davey-Quantick
Giant was one of the longest continuous gold mining operations in all of Canadian mining history before it closed in ’99. PHOTO VIA CP IMAGES/ADRIAN WYLD

35 Years In The North: The Second Decade

The end of a mining era, the birth of a territory, and northern stars shine bright.

September 2019 Up Here