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Each week we bring you the best circumpolar news stories happening around the North and around the world, from artists and scientists to northern history and social media superstars. Stay in the know about all things northern. Click here to subscribe.

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Twice each month this newsletter will feature updates on the territorial economy, businesses, government services for industry, new legislation impacting businesses and northern business owners and operators who are making a difference. Click here to subscribe. Check out our first edition, where GNWT gets a passing grade, Hope Bay is put into the hands of a seasoned Arctic mine operator, and Amazon offers faster service in Nunavut. 

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Cold Snaps: Sneaking into the Yukon to steal vaccines. Plus, crypto-mining in Siberia, necrotic walrus penises, and what Arctic ground squirrels can teach astronauts headed to Mars. All in this week’s Up Here newsletter.
The Bottom Line: NWT offers new business grants, Air Canada grounds planes, and the North administers thousands of vaccines. All in this week's The Bottom Line newsletter.

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The Bottom Line: GNWT gets a passing grade
Cats in vests and the Great Northern Belly Button
Get to the bottom of things
THC-laden bison jerky and Trump's Arctic oil blunder


Even Santa wears a mask
No, a TikTok video didn't reveal Arctic zombies
Famous dogs and Inuit board games
Did you know quaq goes great with coffee?

Lighting a qulliq for Nunavut
The Great Darkness
Body-shaming polar bears
Everything is fine

Things are getting spooky up North
Distributing a COVID vaccine via dog sled
Cold turkey
What does outer space and the North have in common?
Arctic ignorance goes viral on TikTok

Salmon and speeches and sled dogs, oh my!
What's with all the new wildlife residents?
Why don't these people believe narwhals exist?

Salmon are shrinking and bears are getting fatter
The most hated man in the Arctic
A “soft and easy” visit to the North Pole
Princess Leia’s Aurora Experience
This is really really really really really bad

Will the real Mackenzie Scott please stand up?
Screaming into the Icelandic void
A long fight for Inuit justice
Just change the name already
Floating away on a northern space balloon

Bubble trouble
How to train a canoe dog
Emerging wisely into a firestorm of confusion
Black Lives Matter in the North

Please don’t feed the foxes
Expanding our social bubble
Emerging wisely for the long weekend
The North is COVID Free
10,000 metres over the Arctic

From the North to the East, with love
Polar bear home invasions
A golden eagle murder mystery
The Arctic is not your COVID life raft

First and foremost, are you OK?
Self Ice-olation
The North is closed until further notice
Corona Virealis

“Baths ain’t good for a guy in the wintertime”
The Wet’sutwet’en of the North
Does anyone know how to eat salmon???
A Fitbit for Polar Bears

The cold, hard costs of climate change
Remembering Kelly Fraser


Ten bullets to chop down a Christmas tree
The tipping point for permafrost
Inuit knowledge: there’s an app for that

Subdued by a narwhal tusk
Harrison Ford’s terrifying CGI dog
There are no coconut tress in Greenland
Polar bears and supermodels

A mechanical goose repeatedly honking
Grave-digging in permafrost
Greenland’s turning purple
Mad Max, but in the Arctic
The Republic of Santa Claus

Say goodbye to the Chinook salmon
Shark Week in Kugluktuk
Migrating Parliament to Nunavut?
Flygskam is the new Hygge

Thaidene Nëné and Maine’s migratory birds
A forever diamond mine, protected
Hiking the Apex Trail
As Long As This Land Shall Last
Finally, some good news for Arctic ice

Confusing San Francisco for Seattle
All sled dog bodies are beautiful
Garbage and other government lies
There's something about summer

Yetis have no place in the Yukon
The glue is melting faster than we can map it
Just how sterile is a sourtoe cocktail?
Tornadoes in the Territories

Intellectual Property rights and Inuit art
Why are the auroras better in photographs?
Throwing snowballs at the Arctic Council

Russia is attacking our Northern psyche
Polar bear couches are having a moment
Toonik, toonies, and Thrones
Welcome to your twenties, Nunavut!

Inuit moms are the coolest in Canada
Mosquitos, pigeons, and shrimp
Worm superhighways
Preserving pristine wilderness, one "toilet talk" at a time
Just, so many polar bears

Travels far and wide

December: The makings of a Northerner of the Year
October: See and hear the North
September: Sampling the local fare
August: Take a tour through northern cabin country
July: Art and celebration
June: Entering the worlds of Indigenous languages
May: What elders can teach us about caribou
April: In the Yukon, paddlers carry boats in their bags