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Each week we bring you the best circumpolar news stories happening around the North and around the world, from artists and scientists to northern history and social media superstars. Click here to subscribe.

In the latest edition: Reclining Polar Bears and Disney Skaters

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Twice each month this newsletter features updates on the territorial economy, businesses, government services for industry, new legislation impacting businesses and northern business owners and operators who are making a difference. Click here to subscribe

In the latest edition: What's the right kind of oil and gas development for the Beaufort Delta?


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Cold Snaps: 
Live Music Returns!
Floods and Forest Fires
Skipping Canada Day
Family Feud in the North and Tourism Opens Up
Scat volunteers and shipwreck tourism
A Mammoth Discovery, JUNO wins and a Ring of Fire
Baseball, Festivals and Farmers' Markets
Floof, Noisy Neighbours and the Price of Lumber
Zombie Fires and Pig Terrorizers
Flooding, Artifacts and The Magnetic North
Salt, Chicken and Bears
Remembering Thomas Berger And Honouring Nunavut Women
Food Trucks And Food Activism
Wolves Go On A Diet And Narwhal Tusks Tell A Story
Polar Bears Go Easter Egg Hunting
Medicated Crustaceans
The North’s other pandemic
Spring (and avalanches) are in the air
Calorie counting for polar bears
Hungry lynx and broken links
“What the hell are we doing here?”


The Bottom Line:
RBC predicts an early recovery in tourism. Sort of.
Free money for travellers and cheaper internet!
The Chamber of Mines Takes It To Court
The Colonel Goes to Fort Simpson 
Berger's Real Legacy and a COVID-19 Outbreak Question
Guess What? Travel Restrictions Are Hard On Businesses
Should We Publish Our Pay Stubs?
The 51 st State of Canada and The End of a Publishing Era
Budget Wish Lists and $14 Million Protest
Risks and Regulations
A Novel Approach to Retirement
GNWT gets a passing grade