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That's the way the coast crumbles: A collapsed block of permafrost on the coast of Alaska, releasing stored carbon from frozen decomposing organic matter into the water.

The Apocalypse is Now

Why permafrost is the scariest, most thrilling thing in the Arctic

May 2015 Samia Madwar
Lone figures: there are around 5,000 wolves in the Yukon, but no current estimates for the NWT or Nunavut.

Rebels with Claws

They're misunderstood and they don't give a damn

March 2015 Samia Madwar
Bullwinkle and his willow-loving brethren are following their favourite food source farther north.

Invasion of the Shrubs

Big changes are coming-one shoot at a time

March 2015 Lesley Evans Ogden
Illustration by Tonia Cowan

Swarm out there

Climate change is allowing biting flies to move farther North, partly because it’s getting warmer,...

July 2014 Up Here
Alexandra Falls is one of several highlights of the Mackenzie Highway waterfall route. Photo by Adam Hill

The North’s Top 15 Waterways

How to dive into an iceberg, swim with canaries of the sea, avoid seamonsters in the Arctic—and...

July 2014 Up Here
Illustrations by Monika Melnychuk

The Quest for the Holy Grolar

It may be the Arctic's rarest, most fearsome animal, and it's never been photographed on...

October 2013 Kelsey Eliasson
Photo courtesy Stephen Smith

The Myth of the Arctic Man-Eater?

Polar bears are less fearsome than we think, says biologist Stephen Smith. And he should know: He’s...

January 2013 Stephen Smith
Photo by Lewis Hulbert

Birds On The Brain

A barrage from above

April 2009 Katharine Sandiford
Photo by Chris Colbourne

Ravens Among Us

With a beak like a Swiss Army knife and an intellect to match, the raven is a many-faced figure in...

October 2008 Jessa Gamble