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Justine Hudson waits for some whale snot samples. COURTESY JUSTINE HUDSON

Snot For Science

How do you test Hudson Bay whales for stress? Wait for a beluga to blow its nose. Gesundheit.

July 2019 Jacob Boon

When A Sacred Tree Falls, Everyone Hears About It

After a windstorm topples the Yellowknives Dene's hallowed conifer, the First Nation comes...

April 2019 Jeremy Warren
A wildfire burning in 2014. CREDIT KYLE THOMAS, VIA FACEBOOK

A Wildfire Post-Mortem

The Northwest Territories is better prepared for future wildfire outbreaks, according to an all-...

March 2019 Jacob Boon

Cold Snaps

A proud puppy races alongside his family, the great grey owl’s piercing gaze, a stoic wolf exuding...

March 2019 Up Here
Vivien Cumming

A Trip Back In Time

Searching for the origins of life on the Coppermine River.

February 2019 Vivien Cumming

A Weakened Jet Stream

How the Arctic figures in southern fires and floods

January 2019 Elaine Anselmi
Photo courtesy Diavik Diamond Mines

Bear Aware

The hair necessities of tracking grizzlies on the tundra

January 2019 Elaine Anselmi
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Brains On Ice

How space hoses and glacier snuggies could keep the Earth cool

January 2019 Elaine Anselmi

The Ultimate Survivor

Greenland sharks live for centuries, but we have no idea how the changing planet affects them

December 2018 Herb Mathisen