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Cathie Archbould

Peeling Back The River

Bobbi Rose Koe on launching an Indigenous tour company and heading out onto her ancestral lands on...

April 2020 Jessica Davey-Quantick

The Magical, Marvellous, Mysterious Lichen

Both organism and ecosystem, these colourful chimeras are the quintessential core of their northern...

March 2020 Lori Fox
A dust storm rises on what was once the Ä’äy Chù riverbed. COURTESY MALKOLM BOOTHROYD

A Watershed Moment

A lucky pilot. A never-before-seen natural phenomenon. A rush of scientists scrambling to witness...

January 2020 Malkolm Boothroyd
Glaciologist Adrienne White looks out at the Milne Ice Shelf. COURTESY ADRIENNE WHITE/LUKE COPLAND

The Last Ice

The Canadian government announced interim protection this year for 320,000 kilometres of marine...

December 2019 Elaine Anselmi

Johnny Appleseed Of The North

One wacky cultivar at a time, John Lenart is spreading ultra-hardy trees grown for subarctic...

October 2019 Katharine Sandiford
As the number of baby squirrels multiply during mating season, so do the researchers studying them. COURTESY ERIN SIRACUSA

Nuts For Red Squirrels

Researchers find a communal haven in Kluane.

July 2019 Katharine Sandiford
Researcher Mark Fox-Powell stands at the entrance of the lost hammer spring on Axel Heiberg Island, where he studies potential conditions for life on other planets. Courtesy Gordon Osinski

Is There Life On Mars?

Researchers are using perennial Arctic springs to study how organisms could grow on other planets.

July 2019 Beth Brown

Better Than A Duck Face

Why your cell phone is a must-have in any on-the-land camp kit.

July 2019 Beth Brown
Berger with his polar bear cosplay suit. COURTESY COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY

Going To Extremes

Joel Berger dresses up as a bear to get closer to muskoxen.

July 2019 Katharine Sandiford

CHARS’ Arctic Experiment

Taking a tour of Canada’s newest Northern research station.

July 2019 Jeremy Warren