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Crowd at Folk on the Rocks 2016. Photo by Hannah Eden

A Guide To The North’s Music Festivals

Insights from a festival-goer who nearly hit them all last year

June 2017 Elaine Anselmi
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Honing My Craft

Or how I failed a driving test on a wide-open lake

June 2017 Elaine Anselmi
Photo courtesy of Philippa Ootoowak

The Accidental Archivist

Meet Philippa Ootoowak—Pond Inlet's nurse-turned-librarian-turned-archivist

June 2017 Eva Holland
Illustration by Beth Covvey

What Does 24 Hours Of Light Do To Plants?

The midnight sun is great for growing veggies, but not so good for the trees in the forest

June 2017 Elaine Anselmi
Photo courtesy Glenbow Museum

Anatomy Of An Amauti

An Inuit tradition revitalized by seamstresses—and backed by scientists

June 2017 Kassina Ryder

Craft Brew Blues

It's hard to find a good beer in Iqaluit

June 2017 Beth Brown
Montana Mountain is home to more than 65 kilometres of world-class mountain bike trail. Photo by Derek Crowe

Two Wheels And A Dream

How to build a world-class team of mountain bike trail-builders in a remote corner of the North

June 2017 Herb Mathisen
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Getting Burned

Morel pickers keep their secrets close to the chest

May 2017 Genesee Keevil

Building A Cabin In The Woods

How to work with the seasons to have a home by next snowfall

May 2017 Dwayne Wohlgemuth

The Birth Of Persephone

On the shores of Great Slave Lake, Up Here editor Jake Kennedy joins a boatbuilding legend to...

May 2017 Jake Kennedy