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Photo by Hannah Eden

Le Refuge

A Yellowknife gardener channels her grief into the land—and works through the seasons of healing

May 2017 Hannah Eden
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Snow, fire, no sleep

Searching for no one in the middle of the night on a frozen bay

March 2017 Tim Edwards
Photo courtesy of Harold Grinde

Hoofin' It

How–and why–people still hunt on horseback in the Mackenzie Mountains

February 2017 Tim Edwards
Photo by Mike Rudyk

'Our Culture Is Not static’

A traditional First Nations ‘men’s game’ is being played by women in the North.

January 2017 Genesee Keevil
Photo by Thorsten Gohl

The Other Northern Paddle Sport

In a small town on the banks of the Mackenzie River, Ping Pong is more than just a game

December 2016 Elaine Anselmi

Underoo Brew

Great Slave baristas make do when the coffeemaker goes for a dip

November 2016 Elaine Anselmi


It’s not easy, but there’s lots to love about bringing the kids along on the moose hunt

October 2016 Katharine Sandiford
The massive Antonov An-124 drew a crowd of admirers during its brief stay in Iqaluit last April. Photo by Frank Reardon

Just Plane Crazy

What drives some spirited photographers to brave the cold for hours outside Iqaluit’s airport?

August 2016 Herb Mathisen

Must be something in the water

A night of unsolved mysteries on the shores of Great Bear Lake

July 2016 Tim Edwards
Tommy Forrest Ballpark in Yellowknife. Photo courtesy Ollie Williams

Seeing Grass

A downtown Yellowknife ballpark transformed from blight to beauty

July 2016 Herb Mathisen