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September 2018

In our September issue we look at food grown, foraged and hunted across the North and we search for the meaning of a Northern cuisine. We follow a Dawson City filmmaker who spent a year eating local and we find out what to do with all the berries that crop up in Northern backyards.

We also talk to the biographer of a legendary RCMP officer, trapper and sailor in the North and to a Northwest Passage guru who guides ships from the comforts of his basement. And we’ve got a few more book reviews to fill out your fall reading list.

Previous Issues

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July/August 2013

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254: June 2008

January/February 2008

What's the secret behind one of the North's most vibrant communities, Old Crow? Who makes up the next generation of female aboriginal leaders in the territories? And how were the territories forever changed by first contact between whites and aboriginals? All in our First Peoples issue.





Why Old Crow works

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An Alaska zoo bear who gets more beloved with every visitor he eats. A researcher who packs up his family and moves to the polar bear capital of the world. A tour guide who gives his group exactly what they want - a near-death experience. And one man who's made friends with the fiercest predator of the Arctic. All in our April/May Polar Bear issue.



When in Churchill

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