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May 2017

For all those planning Northern treks, our May issue features a rundown on all kinds of hikes. From afternoon trips to overnight adventures, near or far from the city—this should give you an idea of what the northern trails have to offer.

We take a look at the way the North is portrayed in the South, and get a tour of a Northern garden in all four seasons.

In This Issue

Illustration by Beth Covvey

Getting Burned

Morel pickers keep their secrets close to the chest

By Genesee Keevil
May 29

Building A Cabin In The Woods

How to work with the seasons to have a home by next snowfall

By Dwayne Wohlgemuth
May 25
Photo courtesy Denny May

If These Wings Could Talk

Aviator Warren Wright aims to recreate a bit of Northern history

By Herb Mathisen
May 23

To Tell The Story Right

A museum exhibit on the Arctic for Canada's 150th birthday could change the way Canadians view the North, by showing how the North views itself

By Elaine Anselmi
May 17
Nahanni National Park. Photo courtesy Rob Stimpson/Parks Canada

Take A Hike

Close to the city or far, far away from everything—here's some of the North's best hikes.

By Up Here
May 15
A family heads south on Admiralty Inlet at 1 a.m. Photo by Clare Kines

Home's Where The Char Is

On the land and in the water of Admiralty Inlet, there's goose eggs and char to be had.

By Clare Kines
May 10
Photo by Robert Postma

The Old Days And The New

Dene youth walk their ancestral grounds on the Canol Trail

By Garth Wallbridge
May 08
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Fire, Fire, Burning Bright

Life on the edge in Fort Smith, NWT, where the smoke is just part of the scenery

By Sarah Pruys
May 05

Natural Born Killers

As sea ice melts, orcas are staying in the North longer. That’s bad news for narwhal.

By Elaine Anselmi
May 03
Photo by Hannah Eden

Le Refuge

A Yellowknife gardener channels her grief into the land—and works through the seasons of healing

By Hannah Eden
May 01