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July 2016

In our July issue, we take on the wildlife of the North. Samia Madwar investigates the impact of increased human noise on marine mammals in Arctic waters, Tim Edwards looks into muskox being found in strange places, Nunavut birder Clare Kines takes us through his favourite Arctic migrators and Daniel Campbell checks in on the debate on polar bears—and why it’s so divisive. Plus: SSi Micro CEO Jeff Philipp spurts ideas on how to improve life in remote communities, Katharine Sandiford talks potty-training toddlers in the Yukon wilderness, and we tally up the costliest animal-related disasters north of 60. 

In This Issue

Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

The Restless Brain

The North's champion for the little guy rolls up his sleeves

By Herb Mathisen
Jul 07
I get paid to do this? Angulalik Pedersen heading out on the land on his ATV. Photo courtesy Angulalik Pedersen

Getting Paid To Do What You Love

Angulalik Pedersen is helping to set the stage for Cambridge Bay’s landmark research hub

By Beth Brown
Jul 06
Photo by Wayne Lynch

The Muskox Resurgence

Mainland muskoxen are back from the brink and they're winding up in the most curious of places. It’s hard to tell why they’ve wandered so far from home, but one thing’s for sure: change is afoot.

By Tim Edwards
Jul 04
Photo by Clare Kines

My Home

Arctic Bay, Nunavut

By Up Here
Jul 04