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April 2016

One thing the North has in abundance is water. In this issue, we explore the ways Northerners use this precious resource: from canoeing, kayaking and even stand-up paddleboarding, to fishing and hydroelectric power. Daniel Campbell chats with Tuktoyaktuk's mayor about his efforts to revive the Mackenzie Delta qajaq, Tim Edwards journeys down the NWT’s Emile River, and Chesterfield Inlet’s Peter Autut waxes appreciation for frozen water. Plus: we check the pulse of the apparently-doomed fishing lodge industry, see how Niagara Falls stacks up against Virginia Falls, and detail every paddling river you never heard of in our definitive paddling guide. 

In This Issue

Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

Happiness Is A Cold Day

The cool comforts of ice fishing in Chesterfield Inlet

By Peter Autut
Apr 08
The MV Lafferty, captained by Graham Cox, battles the Liard River current in the Deh Cho. Photo: Herb Mathisen/Up Here, Photo illustration: Beth Covvey

Liard River Crabbing

Small-talk from the captain's nest of the Fort Simpson ferry

By Herb Mathisen
Apr 06
Photo courtesy Old Town Paddle

Stand-Up Rises Up

They stand on them. Race on them. Even fish on them. Take a look at the most conspicuous invasive species in the North's waters: stand-up paddleboards.

By Eva Holland
Apr 01