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The abandoned outpost of Port Leopold, built sometime in the mid-1920s, on the northeastern tip of Somerset Island in the High Arctic, was used briefly to trade fox furs. Photo: Dennis Minty

The Far Flung Corners of the Empire

Relics of the Hudson's Bay Company still stand across the North, though many buildings that...

July 2015 Up Here
The captain of the Radium King with passengers in Yellowknife in 1954. Credit: NWT Archives, Henry Busse fonds, N-1979-052: 0611

King Of The River

She hauled radioactive ore, nearly blew up on Great Slave Lake, and changed shipping in the North...

May 2015 Daniel Campbell
Riverfront roots: Whitehorse, circa the turn of the last century, where paddle-wheeled steamers lined the shores of the Yukon River to carry on good from the end of the White Pass railway.

A Bend in the River

Whiskey Flats is long gone, but Whitehorse's makeshift community left a memorable mark

May 2015 Up Here
A woman and child stand in front of the Bone House on Herschel Island, where two Inuit men were hanged for murder in 1924. PWNHC: N-1991-041-0065

An Arctic Kangaroo Court

The spectacle of Canada's first trial in the Far North was little more than a show of force

April 2015 Daniel Campbell
This artwork appears in a children's book, Yamozha and his Beaver Wife, illustrated by Tlicho artist Archie Beaulieu. It's available via Amazon and Theytus Books

The Hero of the Dene

A Herculean myth that served as a map, a unifier and an inspiration

April 2015 Daniel Campbell
Tlingit drum dancing is bigger than ever / Photo: Allan Ogilvie

A Steady Cultural Pulse

Kept alive in secret for generations, Tlingit drum dancing is bigger than ever

March 2015 Samia Madwar

Claws as Big as Fingers

A tale that makes it all too fitting that 'bear' is just one letter away from 'fear...

March 2015 Tim Edwards

Firing up Yurt Fest

Iqaluit’s answer to Burning Man.

March 2015 Genesee Keevil
Nichole Richards of Norman Wells, NWT cooking up caribou heart. Photo by Nichole Richards

Heart'n Soul Food

How to get the most out of your caribou

January 2015 Up Here
Louie and a friend get ready to head out. Photo by Roger Brunt

Remembering the Guns of Fort Rae

Fort Rae was excited to welcome home the hunters; Roger Brunt was excited to be warm, dry and alive

January 2015 Up Here