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Lost? Never. Punch Dickins would just land, make a cup of tea and get his bearings. NWT Archives/Wop May Fonds/N-1992-213: 0188

Pioneer Punch Dickins

This WWII ace would become a man of many firsts

September 2016 Tim Edwards
The world’s most famous pilot flies into the North. Photo - Library and Archives Canada

Lindbergh Comes North

Charles and his wife fly circles around the North

September 2016 Francis Tessier-Burns

What To Wear?

The 1928 Arctic pilot edition

September 2016 Herb Mathisen

Service You Can Bank On

When you could get a loan on an airplane

August 2016 Tim Edwards
The original clubhouse of the Yellowknife Golf Club: the fuselage of a downed DC-3. Derek Bodington/Outcrop.


The Yellowknife Golf Club’s strange relationship with airplanes

August 2016 Herb Mathisen
Photo by Émilie Smith

The Last Pioneer

Max Ward took on the world with his airline, but it’s his time navigating the Northern wilderness...

August 2016 Daniel Campbell
Queen Elizabeth II speaks to an Inuk woman during her 1970 visit to the NWT, and Jean Chretien (then minister of Indian and Northern Affairs) cracks a smile. Photo by Doug Griffin/Cp Images.

The Queen And The North

On her 90th birthday, we look back at Queen Elizabeth’s four Northern visits

August 2016 Up Here
Grant McConachie was what you might call a shrewd businessman. Photo courtesy of the Fort St. John North Peace Museum

The Yukon's Deal-maker

Grant McConachie could wheel and deal on the fly

August 2016 Daniel Campbell
A makeshift hangar for a Fokker Universal on the coast of the Hudson Strait. Photo - Canada Aviation and Space Museum

A Voyage Into Wind, Ice And Fog

The cold facts of flying learned on the Hudson Strait Expedition

August 2016 Herb Mathisen
Willy Laserich might have been the world's most decorated ambulance driver. He died in 2007 at age 75. Photo by Margo Pfeiff

Willy And The Bandits

The story of the NWT's beloved air maverick, in numbers

August 2016 Katie Weaver