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Illustration by Beth Covvey

The Invisible Invasion

The arrival of television forever changed the North

December 2016 Herb Mathisen
Photo courtesy of YKDFN archives

First People, First Finds

Some of the North’s biggest “discoveries” weren’t discoveries at all

November 2016 Herb Mathisen
Grandin College yearbook photos from 1967

The Chosen Ones

A bishop with a vision, a residential school without abuse and a class of teenagers who would lead...

September 2016 Herb Mathisen
Chris Hadfield speaks in Budapest in May 2016—the celebrated astronaut was at one time a CF-18 pilot, testing the boundaries of the Canadian Arctic. Photo by Elekes Andor

WEB EXTRA: Intercepting The Bear

Giving foreign borders a buzz was a routine practice of former CF-18 pilot, turned rock start...

September 2016 Herb Mathisen
An airship hanger in Svalbard, Norway. Photo - Public Domain

Airship Lost

Six balloon-men disappear into the Arctic air, never to be found again

September 2016 Daniel Campbell

Iqaluit's Airbase Origins

How the United States military founded Nunavut’s capital

September 2016 Daniel Campbell
Wop May during the hunt for the Mad Trapper, in 1932. Public Domain

Wop May’s Place In History

From the Red Baron to the Mad Trapper

September 2016 Tim Edwards

Traffic On The 69th

Playing Santa on the Distant Early Warning Line

September 2016 Katie Weaver
Fred Carmichael's flying career has spanned seven decades. Photo courtesy Fred Carmichael

From The Trapline To The Skies

How the North's first aboriginal pilot got his wings

September 2016 Daniel Campbell
Roald Amundsen. Photo - Preus Museum/Paul Berge

Success In Failure

How the North’s greatest explorer escaped death at the pole

September 2016