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The Yuribey River bridge, at 3.9 kilometres, is the longest above the Arctic Circle. Photo courtesy Gazprom

Getting Around The North

Russia's built some incredible transportation infrastructure in the Arctic, but we should be...

May 2016 Daniel Campbell
Does this look like the Arctic to you? Tromsø, Norway, north of the 69th parallel, has become a bustling university and port town.

High Degrees

What's there to learn from an Arctic university?

May 2016 Samia Madwar
The view from Sisimiut, Greenland. Photo courtesy Greenland Travel

Dream Homes

You’re probably familiar with Nunavut’s crippling housing crisis. It needs thousands of houses, but...

May 2016 Herb Mathisen
Photo illustration by Beth Covvey

We've Got What They Want

As the disparity in access to fresh water grows across the globe, it won’t be long before the...

April 2016 Tim Edwards
On the waters outside of Plummer's Lodge on Great Slave Lake. Hannah Eden/Up Here

Hitting A Snag

A downturn in Northern sport fishing could spell disaster for lodge owners. But some are adapting.

April 2016 Daniel Campbell
The Whitehorse Dam. Its construction drowned the capital's namesake White Horse Rapids, which now lie beneath Lake Schwatka. Photo courtesy Archbould Photography/Yukon Energy

Water Power

Hydro electricity is often seen as the panacea to the North’s energy woes—and for good reason. It’s...

April 2016 Herb Mathisen
The Farmer's Market in Yellowknife. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

How To Incubate Small Businesses

Here's how start-ups are born

February 2016 Herb Mathisen

Fortune Tellers

It's 2026 and the situation is dire. No more so than in the North.

February 2016 Herb Mathisen
Jeff Philipp, Bob McLeod, Bob Gannicott.

Fortune Tellers - NWT...

...with Bob McLeod, Jeff Philipp and Bob Gannicott

February 2016 Herb Mathisen
Darrell Pasloski, Joe Sparling, Stefan Voswinkel.

Fortune Tellers - Yukon...

...with Darrell Pasloski, Joe Sparling and Stefan Voswinkel

February 2016 Herb Mathisen