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Illustration by Beth Covvey

Going It Alone

What happens when a small Northern community takes on an empire

August 2017 Elaine Anselmi
Sealskin vest by Victorias Arctic Fashion. Photo by Hannah Eden

Growing A Business

Northern entrepreneurs use time-old traditions and 21st century tools

July 2017 Up Here
Photo courtesy Desgagnes Transarctik Inc.

Life via Sealift

The quirks of resupply in isolated Arctic communities

April 2017 Elaine Anselmi
Photo courtesy NTCL

The Coastal Link

The trials and tribulations of commercial shipping in the North

April 2017 Elaine Anselmi
Photo courtesy Lockheed Martin

Hot Idea Or Hot Air

Will blimps really save the North?

December 2016 Herb Mathisen

The Once And Future Boom

Lithium, and how the territories could strike it rich if all goes to plan

November 2016 Elaine Anselmi
Photo by Richard Hartmier

WEB EXTRA: Shawn Ryan On The Yukon

The territory’s preeminent gold-finder is stoked on the Yukon’s current prospects.

November 2016 Herb Mathisen
Shawn Ryan. Photo by Chris Healey

The Gold Magnet

Shawn Ryan launched one Yukon gold rush. He's ready to do it again

November 2016 Herb Mathisen

The Big Mining Roundup

Hey, at least 2016 wasn’t as depressing as the last two years!

November 2016 Herb Mathisen
Yellowknife's Con Mine site. Photo by Hannah Eden

Remedial Therapy

The North is coming to grips with its most important industry as that industry comes to grips with...

November 2016 Tim Edwards