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June Sneak Peek

June Sneak Peek

We look at the languages of the North, and also learn a bit about what's on the land and in the water up here.
By Up Here
May 30

Our June issue takes you into the world of words. Indigenous languages, as our cover suggests, are entire worlds. We look at the fight to save the Inuit languages, and why that means creating a standardized writing system. And we examine what is being done across the North to put First Nations languages first—and what stands to be lost if these attempts aren’t successful.

We also head out on the land with a guide to mushroom picking and a deep dive on Northern fish—what we’ve got, where you can get them, and how to eat them. And we follow along with an Iqaluit father, as he takes his son out on the ice to get his first seal.

Keep an eye out for this issue on a newsstand near you and, as always, happy reading.