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Dead North May Just Save Your Life

Dead North May Just Save Your Life

Here's our cinematic how-not-to-die guide to the end of the world (or just some really scary stuff)
By Jessica Davey-Quantick
Feb 28

The Dead North film festival takes over Yellowknife’s Capitol Theatre starting tonight, showcasing the best in horror and suspense from the twisted, terrifying and (sometimes) hilarious imaginations of filmmakers from across the circumpolar North. In the March issue of Up Here, I wrote about surviving a Northern zombie apocalypse. As part of my research, I scoured the Dead North archives, which helped me put together a handy how-to-not-die guide. Here’s some mandatory viewing:

Little Man: An Inuit zombie flick with a tiny terror ready to feast.

LITTLE MAN - Kayley Mackay from Dead North Film Festival on Vimeo.

Arsenic Wars: Set in a post-apocalypse Yellowknife, this short envisions a world where arsenic is the new currency. And all bets are off. (Bonus: the sequel will air at this year’s festival)

ARSENIC WARS - Taylor Saracuse from Dead North Film Festival on Vimeo

Spooky Things in the Dark: If you ever wondered what Hay River, NWT would look like after the end of days, this is your answer.

Dead North Film Festival on Vimeo.Daniel Harrington - SPOOKY THINGS IN THE DARK from Dead North Film Festival on Vimeo

Helios: Aurora hunting just got dangerous in this film where the Northern lights turn into an apocalyptic phenomenon thanks to global warming.

HELIOS from Dead North Film Festival on Vimeo

Yellowknife Ground Zero: Made by an 11-year-old, this film features moldy snow and something bad lurking under the Stanton Territorial Hospital building. It won the Best Short Short award from the Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival after screening at Dead North.

Yellowknife Ground Zero - Andrea Geraghty from Dead North Film Festival on Vimeo

Dead North runs from February 28 to March 4. Get your tickets here.