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For some, the plane is a muse; for others, it is a saviour, as depicted here in Wally Wolfe's "Found at last."

Visions Of Flight

Take-offs and landings in Northern art

August 2016 Katie Weaver
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

Inspiration From The Air

The making of Bushpilot, an iconic ode to flight in the North

August 2016 Katie Weaver
The Barquentine tall ship. Photo courtesy The Arctic Circle

Escape Artist

Got writer's block? Go find an iceberg.

January 2016 Samia Madwar

The Sound of Silence

Summoning the ghosts of a Yellowknife mall

December 2015 Samia Madwar
Image courtesy of Steve Skroce

Yellowknife, 2124 A.D.

In a new comic series, the U.S. invades Canada for its water. But a resistance swells above the...

December 2015 Tim Edwards
Tanya Tagaq weaves magic at a homecoming show in Yellowknife last July. Photo by Hannah Eden

NOTY Shortlist: The Throat Singer

Her daring, determination and talent brought her success. But it's how Tanya Tagaq used that...

December 2015 Herb Mathisen
Coral Harbour carver Henry Nakoolak. Photo by Adina Tarralik Duffy

Carving a Life from Stone

The hard realities of a Coral Harbour Artist

October 2015 Tarralik Duffy
Carmen Braden captures nature with her recorder, absorbs it through her headphones, processes it into music and exports it through her piano. Photo: Bill Braden

The Tension And The Break

To tell the story of the North's ice cycles, Yellowknife composer Carmen Braden translates...

October 2015 Tim Edwards
D'arcy Moses at his studio in Enterprise, NWT. Photo: Hannah Eden

D'arcy Moses' Big Bet

Nearly 20 years ago he disappeared into the bush to find his Northern roots. Now he’s ready to step...

October 2015 Laura Busch

Frozen Beach Reads

Polar pulp fiction that delivers just the right chills

August 2015 Eva Holland