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Season's Readings

Northern book reviews, just in time for the holiday season.

December 2019 Jacob Boon, Kaila Jefferd-Moore
The First Face carving is 1,000 years older than the city of Rome. COURTESY CANADIAN MUSEUM OF HISTORY

The Oldest Art In The North

A spear piece from 8,000 years ago in the Yukon says a lot about how art is interpreted today.

November 2019 Jacob Boon
Cambridge Bay's muskox. UP HERE/JEREMY WARREN

Going Public

The North is beautiful, but it’s not just natural splendour. Dotted around the territories are...

November 2019 Beth Brown, Jessica Davey-Quantick
Rankin Inlet artist Helen Iguptak teaches Annie Petaulassie how 
to spin qiviut fibres into yarn. UP HERE/BETH BROWN

Spun Gold

Qiviut (muskox fur) spinning workshops warm-up the Iqaluit arts and craft festival.

November 2019 Beth Brown

Channel Changers

Making television in the North takes a community.

November 2019 Jacob Boon

A Hard Place Not To Stay

Sarah MacDougall is writing songs for the vast, yet intimate, North.

November 2019 Jacob Boon

Inside A Poet’s Head And Heart

There’s both life and death in the prose of Iqaluit hip-hop artist FXCKMR.

November 2019 Beth Brown

When Aliens Invade

Film director Nyla Innuksuk brings sci-fi and horror to Nunavut.

November 2019 Beth Brown

Rising Like A Flower

Tunchai Redvers takes her cues from the fireweed in her first book of poetry

November 2019 Jessica Davey-Quantick
“Wnoondwaamin | we hear them,” on display in Toronto in 2016. Courtesy Frei Njootli/Toni Hafkensheid

All That Echoes

Jeneen Frei Njootli wants you to hear how loud an antler can be.

November 2019 Jacob Boon