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At the government dock on Macdonald Dr. in Old Town, you’ll find a van, truck or boat packed with coolers full of fresh fish for sale. Pick up a whitefish fillet or five—depending on how many people you’re feeding.

Head up the hill to the Flavour Trader—a spice haven, tucked inside a gym. Chef and owner Etienne Croteau recommends a blackening cajun mix for whitefish—one of his favourite dishes.

Head out to the Fred Henne Territorial Park Day-Use Area near the airport. There are fire-pits and picnic tables open to the public, free of charge. Get a fire started with wood you picked up from a gas station in town.

Grab your bowl, find a rock and crush your spices. (You may as well go rustic.) Rub down the fillets. Heat up oil in a pan over the fire and quickly fry both sides of the fillet. It’ll be perfectly cooked in two minutes, says Croteau.


FRESH FILLET: Yellowknife’s fishmongers supply year-round. Photo by Fran Hurcomb.